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Feb. Schedule

​Feb. 5th Rev. Mary Kingsland

Feb. 12th Potts Brothers from England

Feb. 19th Rev. Benjamin Cox

Feb. 26th All Message Service

10:0 AM Every Sunday

1700 Edgewater Drive

Orlando FL 32854-7513


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We Welcome You To The Chapel Of Spiritual Light

    Our Spiritualist community welcomes you, and your family. Please join us every Sunday.

     We are a Spiritualist Church affiliated with the American Spiritualist Association, Inc. We Have been a part of the College Park community since 1993. 

    The church and it's members are focused on spiritual growth and healing as we unfold in spirit. We warmly invite you to learn more about Spiritualism, healing, and our church and it's services along with our ongoing educational programs.  

     We welcome open-minded individuals regardless of race, heritage, gender, or sexual orientation to join as one in exploring and empowering the human spirit.

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