Chapel of Spiritual Light, Inc

Spiritualist Church

Phone: 407-867-8448

All Sunday services and events for the Church will be conducted on Zoom until further notice.

O u r   P a s t o r

We Welcome You To The Chapel Of Spiritual Light

    Our Spiritualist community welcomes you, and your family. Please join us every Sunday.

We are a Spiritualist Church. We Have been a part of the College Park community since 1993. 

    The church and it's members are focused on spiritual growth and healing as we unfold in spirit. We warmly invite you to learn more about Spiritualism, healing, and our church and it's services along with our ongoing educational programs.  

     We welcome open-minded individuals regardless of race, heritage, gender, or sexual orientation to join as one in exploring and empowering the human spirit.

Rev. Timothy P. Woodbury 


Sign up for Zoom (it's free) where you can live steam with us for upcoming events and services we have planned:

To Join the Zoom Meeting Video from your PC, Laptop, or tablet:
   A. Just Click the LInk:
   B. Then on your screen, Click on OpenURL:ZoomLauncher
   C. Click: Join the Video:

       Use Meeting ID: 933 3194 7862

       Password: For password send message or email Rev. Tim
   D. Make sure your speakers are turned on and your volume is up.

To join the video on your cell phone:
   A. Load the Zoom App on Your Smart Phone
   B. Open the App and Follow All the Prompts
   C. Put Your Name on Your Screen
   D. Use Meeting ID: 933 3194 7862
   E. Make sure your volume is turned up.

If you have not used Zoom before, please go to the above Zoom link at least a few minutes before the service and download the necessary software into your computer or smart phone, so you’ll be ready to be ready to Meditate and Celebrate with us.