Types of Spiritual Healing

Suggestive Healing 

     Suggestive healing is positive thoughts implanted in the mind to serve as a catalyst to promote healing. The finite mind of a person is part of Infinite Spirit and may take positive or negative directions and affirmations have an important role in this method. Affirmations such as: "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better" find a place here since the Law of Like Attracts Like is also at work since like thoughts in turn create like conditions.

     Absent, spiritual, spirit, magnetic, and suggestive healing are the most common healing practices found in the Spiritualist church.

    The results of Spiritual Healing are produced in several ways:

     By spiritual influences working through the body of the medium to transmit curative energies to the diseased parts of the recipient's body. 

     By spiritual influences enlightening the mind of the medium so that the cause, nature and seat of the disease in the recipient is made known to the medium.

​    Through the application of absent healing treatments whereby spiritual beings combine their own healing energies with the energies of the medium and cause them to be absorbed by the system of the recipient.

Absent Healing

     Absent Healing is a curative power sent to someone at a distance. The healer first cleanses their mind of doubt, the seed from which failure grows. Knowing that healing is a reality aids the healing in allowing healing power to flow through easily. The word impossible disappears from their vocabulary, and true love for the one in need is expressed. Positive prayer creates a bond with Infinite Intelligence and healing spirit entities. Without this help, the healer is powerless to relieve the recipient's condition. The NSAC Prayer for Spiritual Healing is more than mere words. It first appeals to the Unseen Healing Force to cleanse the Healer's mind and body, then asks that it heal others. Finally, it affirms our trust in the Infinite's power and love. Prayer is a mighty force. When linked with energy from the spirit realms, it expands to embrace the positive, eliminates the negative, and helps perfect health to manifest.

     A Spiritualist Healer is one who, either through one's own inherent powers or through mediumship, is able to impart vital, curative force to pathologic conditions.

    A Spiritualist Healer works with the spirit, mind, emotions, and the body of the recipient. A Spiritualist Healer is aware that once stress is removed from the mind and emotions, the body will respond naturally. This brings about holistic healing in the patient.

    Spiritualist Healers acknowledge the importance of the medical community and work in cooperation with it at all times. Spiritualism recognizes that the medical community is an instrument of healing of the Infinite.

Magnetic Healing

     A superabundance of magnetic energy within the physical being of some persons helps to facilitate the ready transference of the extra healing energy to others. Yet, however easily this power flows from the magnetic healer, it can also be depleted if too many healings are given in succession.


S p i r i t u a l i s t   C h u r c h

Definition of Spiritual Healing


Self Healing

Healing of oneself is most important. Suggestive healing is useful along with prayer, or meditation time upon arising or retiring. Search for the time and practice that works best for you, for healing is a personal experience


Why not start a Healing Group with others of your congregation? Only the sincere should join; for healing is serious business, hard work, and determination is required. As a group, or individually, study the Natural Laws involved with the healing process and investigate sources of information on the subject. If possible, a NSAC Spiritualist Healer should supervise the group. Each group session should begin and end with a sincere prayer, and all members should be willing to lead if called upon. Singing songs may be used to attune to spirit helpers and Infinite Intelligence, as well as provide energy for the healing to follow. Group healing resembles absent healing and Love is its driving force. Prayers and affirmations harmonize and give direction to the thoughts of those present and assist the creative visualization of the healing recipient. As a group visualize a light carrying the healing to the recipient, knowing this process will be effective. A closing prayer should include thanks, or gratitude. Healing enriches our lives and improves our resistance to illness in ways beyond our dreams.​

Prayer for Spiritual Healing


     An endless reservoir of healing is available from the spirit side of life for the use of individuals of the Earth Plane. Various methods can be used to tap into this power:

     Spiritual healing, recognized in many ancient religions, has been a principle of Spiritualism since it's beginning. Today, on a national basis, evidence is growing in the medical community of the importance of spiritual healing to the cure of the individual in need. Evidence is growing that the whole person needs treatment, not just the illness.

I ask the Great Unseen Healing Force
to remove all obstructions from my mind and body
and to restore me to perfect health.
I ask this in all sincerity and honesty
and I will do my part.
I ask this Great Unseen Healing Force
to help both present and absent ones
who are in need of help
and to restore them to perfect health.
I put my trust in the love and power of God.

I ask God's Healing Power
to make me whole and well.
I know that I work with God,
through my thoughts and actions
to make this healing happen.
I ask God's Healing Power
to heal other people near and far away. 
I trust that God will answer
this healing prayer.

Chapel of Sp​iritual Light

There are other means of bringing about healing without the intervention of spirit doctors or the Infinite.

Children's Healing Prayer

How Can You Assist in Your Own Healing

Contact Healing

     With contact healing the actual physical contact assists the healer transfer curative energy to the recipient. The healer's hand or hands are placed upon the recipient's head, shoulders, or both; thus becomes a conduit through which this energy flows. The spiritual healer may be acting as a transformer of the spiritual energy to make it more readily absorbed by the recipient.
Many contact healers place one hand upon the recipient's forehead and another upon the back of the neck. Contact with the head and shoulders is sufficient for the purpose of healing. Touching the recipient any other place on their body is unnecessary, and charges of unprofessional conduct can result from doing so.

Spirit Healing 

     With spirit healing, spirit doctors work directly upon the recipient to correct, or relieve conditions. With this type of healing the spirit entity, or entities, do not require the use of a healer in a physical body, but are able to work directly upon the etheric, or spirit body of the person in need.